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09 Jan 2014

Introducing our First KPA Kids!

I'm so happy to introduce you to our first KPA Kids!

This is Thomas, almost 10 and Kate, 7, currently living in Tauranga, New Zealand.  

We talked to them earlier this week about their outlook on photography. 

First we talked to Kate. 

KPA:  What do you like taking pictures of?
Kate:  Horses and animals. For example, I like taking pictures of animals like a whale . . . PS. we saw an orca in New Zealand.

KPA:  Tell us about a favourite photo you've taken.  Why is it your favourite?
Kate:  It is a photo of a sunset over the ocean.   It is really pretty and I like the colors. There is pink, purple and blue and some white.

KPA:  What do you think makes a good photograph?
Kate:  Detail.  I Iike it when there are lots of interesting things in the photo to look at.
KPA:  Absolutely!  With storytelling, it's really iinteresting for your viewers to see lots of detail in your images.  That way, your story is told as thoroughly as possible. Be careful to not have soooooooooo much going on in your photo, that it's hard to figure out what you're supposed to be focusing on!

KPA:  What is the hardest thing about taking a good photograph?
Kate:  If the thing you are taking a picture of is moving, it's hard to get your picture in focus
KPA:  Kate, we will cover this in a KPA lesson series when we talk about shutter speed.  That will help you keep your subject in focus.  Remember, sometimes it's impactful to show motion by having your subject blurry!  And we will also talk about panning too.  Panning is when you keep your subject in focus, but the background is blurry... very fun!

KPA:  What story would you like to tell through pictures?
Kate:  a story about my horse riding classes. 
KPA:  We would love that Kate!!   After you take a few of the KPA classes, we'd love it if you could tell us about your horse riding through pictures!!

KPA:  How do you think kids can benefit from photography and taking photos?
Kate:  It helps you to remember good things that happened. You can keep the pictures in the camera.


Next, we talked to Thomas!

KPA:        What do you like taking pictures of?
Thomas:  Cool things like buildings, plants or anything that I think is interesting.

KPA:        What do you think is an important picture in history?
Thomas:  A black and white picture of a Lancaster bomber in World War 2. This is an important part of history and it impacted the population and the countries.  The picture might make people feel sad or people might wonder about how the plane flies.
KPA:       If you take a look at the twitter account called History in PIctures, it is super, super interesting all the images they highlight.  You might find some amazing ones.   Just now I see one that is showing a man carving the nose of George Washington into Mount Rushmore!

KPA:      What is the hardest thing about taking a good photograph?
Thomas:   Getting a good angle.  Angles can be hard.
KPA:   It's true that getting a good angle is hard, but the effort is completely worth it!  It can make the difference between an OK image and a GREAT image.  So keep trying.

KPA:  How do you think kids can benefit from photography and taking photos?
Thomas:  Letting kids take pictures can let them learn about creativity.  Then they can learn things about their camera.

KPA:  What would you like to learn more about in photography?
Thomas:  Light, shadows and how to make good pictures.   I feel like I know how to work the camera but not how to control the lighting.
KPA:      We will be doing a few lesson series on lighting Thomas, so you'll start to learn how to control lighting and how to work your camera in different lighting situations!

KPA:  What story would you like to tell others through pictures?
Thomas:  I would probably take a picture of a tree and use the photos to explain about how a tree grows.
KPA:  Would you tell fictional stories with your photos?
Thomas:  No, I would use the camera to tell interesting information.

And here is a photo that Thomas took for our SeeSnapShare.   i love the backlight, texture and colour of this image.  Super eye. Super work!

Thanks so much Katie and Thomas.  It was so fun to talk to you!

If you want to be featured as a KPA kid, write us at  Let us know why you'd like to be a KPA Kid. Maybe you've started a photo club.  You made the coolest collage.   You just love taking pictures.  You're doing a documentary.  You submitted a picture to a contest.  We'd love to hear from you.   Any KPA kid will receive our KPA Essentials Kit ... A t-shirt, bag, notebook and pen!


by Janet Pliszka