Welcome!  Our fabulous new website and blog is here!   We love how it reflects our fun and colourful attitude towards kids and self-expression.  Thank you so much to Fetching Finn for the design and creation of our new home.   And to celebrate this occasion, I want to dive right into our first blog post.

The WHY of KPA

Why was Kids Photography Academy started?   What do kids get out of taking pictures?  Why have your heart skip a few beats when you cautiously hand over your SLR or smartphone or new camera to your preschooler, elementary-aged, tween or teen?  Why keep sifting through 32 pictures of the same subject?  How does the art and science of photography benefit kids?

First let’s ask ourselves why photography a great activity for kids.     Expanding on my post for Tween Us last year, here are some of the reasons why it’s worth introducing your kids to photography.

gift_color1.    Photography Moves Kids’ Bodies and Minds

Taking pictures gets kids moving their bodies.  They will move up & down and run here & there to get the best angles and perspectives.   They’ll set off on their bikes to a new location to see what images they can capture.   They will get outdoors discovering light, texture and colour.  It’s not just their bodies that will be on the go though.   Their minds will also be swirling with ideas of what to take a picture of next.  Or how they can capture exactly what they are envisioning.  Or how to make their picture better.  This means they start to rack up screen time on their camera displays or phones rather than doing video games.   That’s a good thing!

2.     Photography Reveals Unique Perspectives and Ways of Seeing

Photography consistently challenges kids to seek out unique perspectives.  Photographers are always looking for ways to see ordinary things in a new light.   This translates not only with the creative process of taking a picture but into other aspects of living as well.  Kids don’t just start to see different ways to click the shutter, but different ways of seeing the world.

 3.    Photography Encourages Self Expression

Photography is all about self expression.   It can be a medium to share their voice, their opinion and views on the world.  Photographers are storytellers.  And we all know what amazing stories our kids have to share!   Another bonus? Photography is not a hobby on it’s own.  It can go wherever they go… on a hike, to their favourite sport activity, on a trip with their friends, throughout the community, to a fundraiser.   Whatever it is, it’s showing how they are unique and how they are special, leading to a higher sense of self-confidence.  Whether it’s shared to a broader audience or not, pictures are a creative way for kids to see a piece of who they are and what they stand for right in front of them.

 4.     Photography Strengthens Children’s Decision-making Skills

With every picture taken, your child will make choices: what angle to use, what perspective to take, what colours to include, what message to send. They instantly see the impact of  each decision they make. And with each of those decisions, the image becomes more and more their own.  As they start to dive into the technical aspects of photography,  they will also solve problems.   How do I get the light to look softer on their face?  How do I change this exposure without getting camera shake?  All those decisions and problem solving increase their skills and their confidence.

5.       Images Create a Tool for Family Conversation

Parents are always looking for a way to have conversations with their kids. These images and ideas can be a starting point for many quality conversations.    Questions like what’s this about, why did you take this picture and what feeling were you trying to evoke here can lead to other discussions. This is the perfect opportunity to let art be a tool to increase communication.   And you’ll probably share lots of giggles along the way as well.

6.      Images Help Remember

Have you ever flipped through photo albums or  digital slideshows  with your kids?   They love seeing themselves and those they care about.   It brings up so many “Remember when”s.     Now that they are part of creating the images, there is another source for connection and remembering their lives.

7.    Photography Grows with Them

There are so many aspects of photography to discover and try.    How to take photographs, how to tell stories, how to edit photographs, how to display photographs.   The learning and experimenting is never done.  As kids interests change, so will the subjects for their photography work.   So will the techniques they use to tell their stories.   It’s a skill and mode of self-expression that can stay with them forever, yet evolve and change with them at the same time.


Adding all these reasons of why photography is a great activity for kids to be involved in to my own love of photography and kids is the reason why KPA started.   Kids Photography Academy exists to

  • inspire kids to express themselves

  • connect kids to the world around them

  • create meaningful images

  • develop visual storytelling skills &

  • celebrate kids!


So pass off that camera!  And join KPA in our mission to inspire, connect, develop, create and celebrate kids.

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