Our KPA Vision

KPA was founded on the vision of inviting all children to tell their stories and share unique perspectives on their world.  Our mission is to provide them with the tools and inspiration for self-expression and feeling connected to the world they live in.

Our KPA Principles

  • Ignite a Spark – inspire
  • Create Meaningful Work – discover, learn and experiment
  • Connect – with the world around them (family, nature, community, the world)
  • Make Strides improve and make progress
  • Revel in It/Celebrate be proud of who you are and what you can do

Our KPA Approach

KPA is an online classroom where kids learn about the art, science and fun of photography through videos, visual guides and challenges.   The concepts range in composition, technical and storytelling.   The targeted age range is 8 – 15 but the little ones as well as adults will learn a great deal about photography techniques by watching the videos.

Janet Pliszka

Professional photographer, creativity expert and the founder of Kids Photography Academy.

JanetJanet’s first experiments with photography were at the ranch where she grew up in southern Alberta.  She was just a kid when she picked up her first film camera and photographed the cows, the crocuses and her orange cats dressed up in her doll clothes.  Her camera always went with her as she grew up and started to travel the world.   It was during her years in Japan when she really discovered her love of teaching, her connection with kids and her passion for photography.  After years in the exciting world of marketing back in Canada, Janet started the journey of doing what was her ‘calling’ in 2006.  She started her own photography company Visual Hues Photography which has grown to a highly reputable business in Calgary.   Working with lots of kids as her clients and raising two of her own, she couldn’t help but notice their interest in what cameras produce.   So in 2014 Janet wove together her love of photography, kids, teaching and self-expression.   And that’s when Kids Photography Academy was born.

Janet is on a mission to invite all children to share their stories and their unique perspectives through photography.   Her passion to empower children with the tools to express themselves and feel connected to the world they live in is what Kids Photography Academy is built on.