Here is a picture just sent into KPA today from one of our KPA Kids!  His family was one of our original Kickstarter backers a couple years back and we are so happy 5 year old Hayden is now picking up the camera and sharing his pictures with us.  Look at this fabulous picture he took in Canmore.

2015 hayden camera 216
Two things I love about this photo.

First that Hayden took it straight into the sun!   Lots of people are afraid to shoot into the sun but look at the beautiful impact it made.  Gorgeous!!!   To explore further with the camera, I would suggest trying to find something in your frame to put in front of the sun for a different result.   How do you do that?   Well in this picture, Hayden could move his body to the left a bit and put the trees in front of the sun.   It looks pretty cool when you do that because lots of the light would spill out from behind the tree.

Secondly, I liked how Hayden included a curved road in his picture.  It leads your eye right up to the mountain!   You can find all about “Leading Lines” in one of our lessons!   It will show how leading lines help your images, what to look for and how to incorporate lines into your own photos.

Thanks so much for sharing your picture with us Hayden!

We welcome kids to send their photos into KPA! We love seeing what stories they are telling with their cameras!


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