Okay kid photogs!   Here is a challenge for you to try!

Grab your camera.

Pick a spot.

You can’t move from that spot.

You can turn around, stand up, sit down, lie down, jump around, sing a song, make funny faces… but you can’t move from your spot!

Take pictures.

Think far away, close up, looking around, framing it up, lining it up,  colour, perspective, scale, pattern, looking up, looking down… see what you can find!!

You’ll be amazed at how much you can see when you REALLY start looking!


We tried it with Reuben tonight.   This is the exact spot he chose.  He couldn’t move from that part of the log.


And here are the photos he came up with!  All from one spot!!


Pretty fun, right?

He saw and captured different types of light.

He found different lines in the bridge and the fallen log.

He found scenery shots and he found detail shots.

And he found me!!


Please share your “One Spot Challenge” with us!   We’d love to see it!

Happy Clicking!


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  • Phillip Williams. FOCUS FORCE Kids With Cameras
    Posted at 02:29h, 09 September Reply

    I remember my doing my version of this project many years ago in Melbourne, Australia. It was class at a private girls school. The class of 20 plus were asked up in a single line at the classroom door. The first was handed the camera and told to look out the door and take a photo. Each student did the same as they approached the door. The objective to capture a different image to the others. There were many different ways to achieve the challenge, and it was an eye-opening experience when it came to review time.

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