Last summer I held my first in-person summer photo camps for tweens and teens and truly loved every part of it. To see the kids start to “get” their cameras and have the “a-ha” moments on how they could control what their photos were starting to look like was amazing to witness. They started to make more decisions about what their photographs were going to look like. They experimented. They took tons of pictures. They got more familiar with what they had to do to create a certain result. They were proud of what they were creating!

With all going on with COVID, I made the decision not to hold the camps in Calgary this year. I was disappointed to not continue the momentum from last year, but there’s a happy side to it all. Kids Photography Academy is offering online summer camp for kids to learn about their cameras! And that means kids outside Calgary can join in on the fun!

So what is ROCK YOUR CAMERA all about? Well, when one keeps their camera in auto-mode, the camera makes lots of the decisions.  This course is about the kids starting to make those decisions!   So many possibilities will open up in front of them when move off auto-mode and start to understand the technical side of their camera. And of course this technical know-how will help them create better photos!

Here are just a few of the questions they’ll be able to answer after online camp together:

  • How do I get that blurry background that looks so cool?
  • How do I show motion?
  • How do I freeze motion and not capture the blur of movement?
  • What I do when there’s not much available light and I don’t want the flash to go off?
  • Why does my picture look shaky?
  • How do I get a correct exposure? I don’t want it to be too dark or too light.

To answer these questions, the kids will be learning about exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It’s the perfect introduction to the manual settings of their camera. And when they start getting more comfortable with the manual mode, they’ll be able to tell their stories that much better!

There are two camps available.

July 27 – 30th and August 17-20th.

We will meet online with Zoom from 10am – 11am MST. I will be sharing my screen for a lot of them time so we can discuss (no one-way conversation with me!!!) the examples we see. Each day we’ll be going over a major component of what makes up exposures and how they can start getting creative with the manual settings on their camera. After our time together, I’ll give them some ideas and challenges to experiment and play with during their hands-on time. Lots of reference material will be available for them to check back to so they don’t have to remember everything from our call. We will come back together at 1pm – 1:30/45 MST to go over any questions they may have or talk about any issues they ran into. I’ll give some more challenges for them to try and I’ll be asking them to upload some of their favourite photos of the day for us to take a quick look at the next class.

The course is $149 with limited space available. Ideal ages would be 11 – 16. Go to the KPA Online School to see all the details of what the week will look like.

Hope I see you there!!

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  • Mohammed
    Posted at 05:55h, 17 July Reply

    Interested to register my daughter into this camp

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