Take a look at this picture.   It was taken on an i-phone on a walk through Weaselhead in Calgary on the weekend.

What do you like about it?

What do you notice?


Now, zone in on the girl.

Don’t you find it amazing that she can grow a tree right out of her head?

We often take pictures without noticing what is in the background and how it interacts with what is in the foreground.  In some cases, it can be humorous but most times it can be just plain distracting.   And believe me, once you notice that there is a tree growing out of one your subjects heads it’s all you can see every time you look at the photo afterwards!

So today’s quick tip:  take a quick look around the frame and make sure nothing is sticking out of anyone’s head!

Move a tiny bit to one side and voila… no more tree-growing heads!



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