7 Books Featuring Hands-On Photography Projects for Kids

Here’s a list of seven books that feature photography projects that can be completed with young photographers. For sure there are many choices on the web and you can end up searching for hours to find the one you like. I love the simplicity of pulling a book off the shelf, flipping through its pages and finding a photography project to dive into with your kiddos.

The first two books in this list are published by Aperture. Aperture is a not-for-profit foundation that connects the photo community and its audiences with inspiring photographic work.

Eyes Open: 23 Photography Projects for Curious Kids

(Aperture, 2021) by Susan Meiselas

This is a brand new sourcebook of photography ideas for kids that was just released in April 2021. THere are over twenty enticing projects that help inspire a process of discovery and new ways of telling stories and animating ideas. Eyes Open features photographs by young people from around the globe, as well as work by professional artists that demonstrates how a simple idea can be expanded. Playful and meaningful, this book is for young would-be photographers and those interested in expressing themselves creatively.

Eyes Open: 23 Photography Projects for Curious Kids

Go Photo! An Activity Book for Kids

(Aperture, 2016) by Alice Proujansky

This book features 25 hands-on and creative activities inspired by photography. This playful and fun collection of projects encourages young readers to experiment with their imaginations, get messy with materials and engage with the world in new and exciting ways. Although it indicates an age of 8 -12, I have used some of these activities in my own classes with kids from ages 5 and up. Each project also features a series of pictures and handy tips to help guide the reader step-by-step, building a visual language and encouraging creativity as they go. Indoors or outdoors, from a half-hour to a whole day, and whether alone or with friends, family or an unsuspecting pet, there is a photo activity for all occasions.

Go Photo! An Activity Book for KidsGo Photo! An Activity Book for Kids

Be an Awesome Photographer

(Laurence King, 2019) by Henry Carroll

This book just arrived on my doorstep not too long ago. The chapters introduce kids to both fun photographers and “nifty know-hows” on how to take their pictures to the next level. The book has a great sense of humour throughout and really takes on kids language which is fun and appealing for the young reader! It’s definitely a book where you can open up to any page and have a fun challenge ahead of you.

3. Be an Awesome Photographer 3. Be an Awesome Photographer

Photo Adventure for Kids

(RockyNook, 2016) by Anne-Laure Jacquart

This fun book is all about going on different missions and solving mysteries to find great photographs anywhere and everywhere. Packed with games, strategies, lessons, and challenges, Photo Adventures for Kids makes learning about photographic composition and framing easy and fun. One unique feature of this book is a cutout “viewfinder” device at the back of the book which kids can use to explore and frame up pictures in their environment.

4. Photo Adventure for Kids4. Photo Adventure for Kids

A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book

(Penguin Random House, 2013) by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

This is an older book that I’ve had on my shelf for years, but one I still love to flip through and get ideas. It is a great choice for the tween and teen photographer who take the ideas presented and run with it on their own.

A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea BookA Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book

Photography Activity for Kids: Creating Patterns

(Purple Chameleon Books)

This is an pdf e-book, so you can get access to it right away! It contains 10 simple projects providing kids with some initial ideas to develop and make their own. The projects allow them to see things in a way that only kids can, to explore their surroundings and learn about things in a different way whilst having some fun taking pictures.

Take a look here to see some of the images that were created.

Max and the Attitude Adjustment

This is a story about Max, a panda with a camera. He wakes up feeling blue and then embarks on a journey to feel better. The 42 page book uses an “attitude adjustment” as a metaphor on adjusting a DSLR camera. It’s half story, half text book that can help anyone interested in learning photography.

Max and the Attitude AdjustmentMax and the Attitude Adjustment

Max and the Attitude AdjustmentMax and the Attitude Adjustment

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